7.Reporting: Washington Post made an influence on American presidential election

It is generally believed that media report is a multiaspect method to spread information nowadays. It is understood that in American presidential election coverage that the Washington Post is play a important role to transmit media information in this event (Adamic and Glance, 2005). The Washington Post not only dispatch text editors and photographers to scene but also with multiple types reporters. The website posted writing and linked related video, newspaper and new media could get integration (Zavoina and Reichert, 2000).

On the other hand, the Washington Post developed a attractive way to enhance the voter turnout of people that they made a mobile game: Floppy Candidate. This 8-bit game only took Washington Post’s digital product team a few weeks. This game is same to Flappy Bird exactly, only in the game, the original birds have been replaced by a variety of candidates’ heads, such as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Those waterpipes would change into the walls of the White House and when you select different candidate could show different characteristics. So Washington Post is trying to use games to arouse citizens’ interest in this topic. At the same time, using simple and understandable games can make people avoid those obscure political terms that can give people a better understanding of the candidates’ personal characteristics.

IMAGE1&2: The Floppy Candidate (https://www.washingtonpost.com/pr/wp/2015/12/14/play-your-way-through-2016-with-floppy-candidate-from-the-washington-post/) [Accessed on 5thMarch 2016]


Adamic, L. A. and Glance, N. (2005) The political blogosphere and the 2004 US election: divided they blog. In Proceedings of the 3rd international workshop on Link discovery: 36-43

Zavoina, S. and Reichert, T. (2000) Media convergence/management change: The evolving workflow for visual journalists. The Journal of Media Economics 13(2): 143-151.

Posted by: Yan Zhang

Student ID:27873595


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