6.Candidates Case Study: Media campaign strategies of Hillary Clinton

American presidential election is fast looming, and Hillary has do a lot of preparation for presidential election, such as mainstream media, official website, Facebook page, YouTube. We wonder the creative activities of her election campaign.

图片 4

Feed (Feed, 2016)

Ruochen:I saw some articles about Hillary on the Feed. Have you seen that?

Ying: Not yet. So what is the feed?

Ruochen:Feed is a part of Hillary official website, and it is designed similar with Buzzfeed. There has five professional writer and they provide promotion articles, interactive games about Hillary on the blog. It is an interesting way to engage young people.

图片 5

Feed (Feed, 2016)

Ying: This makes me recognize the Obama campaign and I heard of Hillary has employed his excellent campaign mastermind, Teddy Goff. I think it is important to shorten the distance with voters in a media-convergence age.

图片 6

Hillary Quick Question (Google, 2016)

Ruochen:Moreover, Hillary uses a short video which called Quick Question to show her personal life, and it makes her more friendly and warm. Compared with her competitor Trump who try to response lots of online users’ question by himself, Hillary don’t have direct connection with audience, but she provide funny gif pictures and short video to create her special female image.

Quick Question video link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YQx4u_zqlI&list=PLt9jO9QkAAoeIVwS6dekFT0Mm865hg-co&index=5 (YouTube, 2016)

Ying: Yes, it is a brilliant point. Now, to some extent, people have reduced the concern of openly current political affairs (Przybyla, 2016). Teddy Goff (2016) said, “They have a higher set of expectations for how they’re going to be served”.

Ying: Here is an interesting interview video about Hillary Clinton.

http://www.acfun.tv/v/ac2264301 (AcFun, 2016)


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Posted  by: Ying Zhang

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