5. Candidate Case Study: How can social media help Obama’s Campaign

After that, Barack Obama and his team have successfully used Facebook, Twitter and other social medium, not restricted in the traditional media, to win the American electorate’s vote in 2008. Several experts said his victory is mainly ascribed to Obama’s online tactic (Jungherr, Jurgens and Schoen, 2011). The campaign team used new media to connect with the masses in order to create their own social networking platform. What’s more, they shared stories and interests with text or video that they could build voters’ acquaintance with Obama.

图片 3

(This is the homepage of Barack Obama on Facebook)

In addition, Manlow and Friedman (2009) pointed it appeared a blurring of roles in Obama campaign because of the social media. That is to say, some campaign staff who act as the ordinary voters, are making efforts to the process of Obama’s campaign through new media technologies. One of the main issues of this campaign is that ordinary voters aim at delivering the word and keep their voice efficiently received (Manlow and Friedman, 2009). To achieve this goal, a wide range of campaign workers tend to use new media to represent detailed content individually. This lead to the phenomenon that people holding the similar stance would have more motivation to establish communities for campaign activities (Manlow and Friedman, 2009).


Jungherr, A., Jurgens, P. and Schoen, H. 2011, Why the Pirate Party Won the German Election of 2009 or The Trouble With Predictions: A Response to Tumasjan, A., Sprenger, T. O., Sander, P. G., & Welpe, I. M. “Predicting Elections With Twitter: What 140 Characters Reveal About Political Sentiment”. Social Science Computer Review, 30(2), pp.229-234.

Manlow, V; Friedman, LW; & Friedman, H. 2009, “Barack Obama 2.0: The Power of New Media in Achieving and Sustaining Presidential Charisma,” John Ben Shepperd Journal of Practical Leadership, 4, Spring 2009, 77 -85.

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