4. Candidates Case Study: TV debate of Kennedy and Nixon

Presidential election of America has a close relation with media convergence. The typical case of early media convergence is the television debate between Kennedy and Nixon, and Kennedy with the help of television debate to win more people’s support. In 1960, television as a newly emerged media added into presidential election. After that debate, TV together with radio and newspaper were used in political propaganda.

图片 1

Kennedy Nixon debate (Google, 2016)

That year presidential campaign joined the TV debate based on traditional media. On the television screen, Kennedy looked like energetic, friendly and courteous, and in the word of CBS pre-president Frank Stanton (2000)” Nixon looked like death”, and he kept wiping when he spoke, so he looked haggard.

图片 2

Kennedy Nixon debate (Google, 2016)

The ostensible difference leads the television viewers support Kennedy while radio viewers supported Nixon. The main reason is that the image of television could affect overall evaluation (Druckman, 2003). Television enhances the integrity of overall evaluation of candidates, and people saw the image of Kennedy was more integrity than radio. Enhance, TV added into presidential elections, and it played an importance role with other kinds of media.

This is a video link of Kennedy and Nixon TV debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QazmVHAO0os (YouTube, 2016).


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