3.How media convergence can affect the American Presidential Election

As we discussed above, media convergence affects the media productions, distributions and receptions. American Presidential Election can be view as a typical example of how media convergence affects news transmission.

Generally speaking, these specific media convergence strategies of the American Presidential Election are mainly embodied in three aspects. First is different media platforms coming together to build unifying transmission channels to promote the news distribution (Jenkins, 2004); Meikle & Young, 2011). Campaign news and reports wide spread through the integration of various media forms. Second is the combination between campaign news and new media. As the emergence of networked social media platforms, an increasing number of candidates and media platforms seize the opportunity to cooperate with new media to contact with audiences and citizens (Meikle & Young, 2011). These cross-platform cooperations also changed the role of the audience. Thirdly, candidates grasp new opportunities to connect with citizens actively such as online interaction, television networks, offline services and other digital services (Meikle & Young, 2011).

In the next sections, we will specifically to see how media convergence influence the American Presidential Election from candidates’ propaganda behaviors, media agencies’ reported methods as well as citizens’ reactions these three aspects.


Jenkins, H. (2004). The cultural logic of media convergence. International journal of cultural studies, 7(1), 33-43.

Meikle, G., & Young, S. (2011). Media convergence: Networked digital media in everyday life. Palgrave Macmillan.Posted

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