10. Conclusion

In conclusion, with the increasingly fierce market competition, traditional media and new media has increasingly close cooperation, media convergence developed more and more fast, and it also play an important role in political events .Especially in American Presidential Election, on the one hand, candidates not only relay on tradition media, but also use some social media(Twitter ,Facebook, You Tube and so on )to promote their political ideas and make audiences support their propositions. Such as Obama, he and his team could post images ,videos on Twitter and Facebook to citizens. On the other hand, citizens could also know more information about candidates, because media convergence make audience gain news more easily, they could ask questions and make comments online if they really interest in one of the candidates, and citizens’ support will affect the result of Presidential Election. In addition, the integration of news content at the same time changed the production process , it also revolutionized the traditional way of reporting the news, CNN cooperate with Facebook  is a typical case in political events. In this case, media convergence deduces a variety of propagation effects and improves the ability to disseminate of information.

Posted by:  Qi Zhang

Student ID: 28076826




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